A bride-to-be on Reddit has banned her mom from her upcoming wedding after the woman wouldn't stop making cruel jokes at her fiancé's expense.

"I started seeing my boyfriend [five] years ago, soon after I moved out of my mom's house. It took about a year before I introduced them, and as soon as I did my mom made her disapproval obvious. She suggested he wasn't good enough for me because of his job title, income, education level, etc. She said he was weird and that I should be with someone normal to make me more normal. She said she wasted her money putting me through college because I didn't meet my future husband there like she did," she wrote on Reddit.

Eventually, the couple got engaged and began planning their wedding. After a while it seemed like the woman's mom had accepted her future son-in-law — until she recently made a nasty comment about him.

"Then yesterday, I was at my mom's house, with no one else there. She said, 'Make sure he has a nice suit so we can pretend you're marrying a successful man.' Then she started laughing hysterically at her own joke. I said, 'If you don't like who I'm actually marrying, don't come!'" the bride-to-be recalled.

"We would have to change a few plans last minute, but I would be much happier without her there at this point. I texted her and told her my decision was final and she was not coming. My mom says I'm overreacting to a harmless joke, and that the whole family will be shocked by my decision and she will be humiliated," she continued, adding that her mom doesn't understand why she would disinvite her over "one joke."

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Users in the comments section supported the bride's decision and slammed her mom.

"DO NOT LET THIS WOMAN COME TO YOUR WEDDING! Because she WILL s--t on him during the day. Change the time/date/venue and don't tell her. Hire bouncers. Whatever it takes. That was NOT a 'harmless joke.' That was her not supporting your marriage. So she's out," one person wrote.

"Cut ties with mom now and go no contact. Things only get worse when family/parents behave this way. Parents that love their kids don’t act this way. Believe me," another commented.

"Mom is a 'mean girl' and a bully. Jokes are only funny if everyone laughs," someone else weighed in.

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