There have been some wild trades in the history of baseball. The sport has been around in a professional capacity for a very long time. Allowing for a lot of weird things to happen. Sometimes its the people getting traded, sometimes its the timing of the trade, and sometimes its even an "off the field" trade.

One time, broadcaster Ernie Harwell was actually traded for a player. In 1948, Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey heard Harwell, and wanted him to be his new radio voice. So he traded minor league catcher Cliff Dapper to acquire Harwell's contract.

Players like Harry Chiti were traded for themselves. Here's how that happens...In 1962, Chiti was traded from the Cleveland Indians to the New York Mets for a "player to be named later". That trade took place on April 25th, and by June 15th it was time for the Mets to pay up. So they sent Cleveland...Harry Chiti to complete the trade for Harry Chiti.

Maybe the weirdest thing is that the "trade for yourself" has actually happened again and again. Players like Brad Gulden, Dickie Noles, and John MacDonald all ended up being traded for themselves.

Now enter a new version of the weird baseball trade...but this one isn't about the content of the trade, its how some of the players involved found out.

The Miami Marlins have already decided that after just about a month of the 2024 season, they're done. The management has stated they don't expect to make the playoffs, and have started getting rid of assets. The first piece they moved was 2-time MLB All Star and batting champion Luis Arraez.

Arraez was traded to the San Diego Padres in exchange for relief pitcher Woo-Suk Go and minor league prospects Dillon Head, Jakob Marsee, and Nathan Martorella. With Martorella being the focus of this story.

Martorella was playing for the San Antonio Missions this weekend. The Missions were in Little Rock playing the Arkansas Travelers, and Matorella was standing on second base when the game was stopped. See the video here:

That's right, Martorella was informed that he was traded during the game, and had to immediately leave. While its kind of funny, its also a little sad that he only had a couple brief movements to gather his stuff and say goodbye to his teammates and coaches, before awkwardly walking off the field.

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