You have probably already heard but just in case you haven't residents living near El Paso, Texas were shaken awake by an early earthquake on Wednesday morning around 3:27 a.m. that registered 5.3, the strongest earthquake in Texas in 123 years.

FOX Weather Center reported that the earthquake was the fourth-strongest in Texas since records began in 1900. The earthquake occurred in the town of Minton halfway between Midland and El Paso and had a depth of around 5 miles. The quake is considered moderate but don't tell that to residents living in that rural part of the country. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it was actually reported at a magnitude of 5.3.


According to the National Weather Service in El Paso, the quake lasted about 20-30 seconds. There have been numerous aftershocks with the strongest registering a magnitude of 3.4 reported from the USGS.

The strongest earthquake ever recorded in Texas was in the town of Valentine in 1931 with a 5.8 earthquake.


Thankfully, there was no damage and no one was hurt or injured in the quake on Wednesday.

Here's a link to some video captured at a resident's home outdoors.

What to do if you get caught in an earthquake.

  • Seek cover immediately, drop down under a desk or table, cover yourself, and hold on until the shaking stops
  • Stay away from windows, fireplaces, furniture, and heavy appliances.
  • Stay away from the kitchen that is the worst place to be
  • Stay away from hanging objects and outer walls
  • If outside stay away from buildings, trees, poles, or any large objects

Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

Watch footage captured on a video cam overlooking El Paso. Notice the cam was shaking as the quake occurred.

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