The Texas Department of Transportation is partnering with Atlanta High School to teach teenagers in northeast Texas about safe driving habits. This effort is important because in 2023, 26 percent of the people who died in crashes in the Atlanta area were under 25 years old.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is also helping out, along with several other organizations. These include Atlanta Fire, LifeNet, Watch UR Bac, When Sean Speaks, M.A.D.D., and NextStep. All of these groups are working together to make this event a success.

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There will be many interactive displays and presentations designed to engage and educate teens about the importance of driving safely. For example, first responders will demonstrate how they use a special tool called the jaws of life in serious car accidents. This tool helps them rescue people who are trapped in their vehicles.

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Transportation Safety Specialist Emyli Speer explained the purpose of the event. "The goal of this event is to teach our young drivers safe driving habits. We want them to understand that dangerous behaviors like drunk driving and distracted driving can have serious consequences," she said. By learning these important lessons, the hope is that teens will make safer choices when they are behind the wheel, reducing the number of tragic accidents on the road.

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