It's almost time for Santa to take flight and deliver all those toys the elves have worked so hard on all year long. Who hasn't looked up into the sky on Christmas Eve and wondered 'Where is Santa now?"

Back when I was growing up we eagerly waited for the weatherman to come on the air throughout the evening to let us know where Santa was on the radar. Of course, as soon as he hit the Dallas area, it was off to bed to make sure he didn't skip our house.

Santa Claus are near his reindeers in snowy forest.
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Did you know that NORAD has been tracking Santa for decades? Now with our phones, it's even easier to see where Santa is and you can check on his location throughout the day on Sunday, Christmas Eve Day.

How Did NORAD Get Into The Business of Tracking Santa?

We can thank a five-year-old back in December of 1955 who called a number that was printed in a Sears ad. That number was a misprint and the number belonged to a super secret phone at a military base in Colorado that was only supposed to ring if the President or a Four-Star General called...

 The NORAD Website is Full of Fun Activities for the Kids Too

The NORAD Santa website is full of information, games and activities for your kiddos. There are 24 arcade games. You can also learn about Santa, his magic and Christmas traditions all around the world.


NORAD also gives Santa updates on their Facebook page and their website The Official NORAD Santa Tracker!

You Can Keep Up With Santa All Christmas Eve Day on Your Phone

But if you are busy running around town on Christmas Eve day then you should download the free app. The app makes it super easy to find out where Santa is. I love tracking Santa on my phone and updating my husband throughout the day.  You can download the app on the NORAD Santa website or where you get your favorite apps.

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