Dave Van Horn a former Texarkana College baseball coach and now the head man of the University of Arkansas Razorback baseball team has been crowned one of the Most Handsome Baseball Head Coach in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Research and analysis from the website Gambling.com and the popular beauty measurement app Golden Ratio Face revealed that the 62-year-old coach was ranked #7 as one of the best-looking SEC baseball head coaches in the West. Most of the research centered on how coaches are able to handle the stress and strains of their job while aging like a fine wine.

College World Series - Oregon State v Arkansas - Game Two
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Eight coaches contributed to the 50s age range hitting a sizzling average Silver Fox score of 6.77  Although Van Horn is in his early 60s, I guess that's saying something.

However, it was the baseball managers in the SEC East that took the Best-Looking-Bragging Rights where they take up 80 percent of the Top 5 places across the whole conference and have an overall average handsome score of 7.01 versus SEC West Baseball coaches’ average score of 6.40.

Overall, though, the Baseball Head Coaches of SEC 2023 are considered a handsome bunch and with an overall average score across the conference of 6.71.

College World Series - Oregon State v Arkansas - Game Two
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I'm sure Dave Van Horn just smiles as he takes all this in as just fun but I'm pretty sure he would like to put it all to rest by just winning a game.

Van Horn gets to show off his good looks and his 2023 Arkansas Razorbacks this weekend when they open their baseball season ranked #6 in the College Baseball Showdown in Arlington. Texas when they take on their arch rivals the Texas Longhorns at 7 PM on Friday.

Here's the rest of the Top 6 baseball coaches that made the list of the Most Handsome SEC Head Baseball Coaches 2023.

1. Scott Stricklin - Georgia Bulldogs

2. Tony Vitelo - Tennessee Volunteers

3. Steve Bieser - Missouri Tigers

4. Mark Kingston - South Carolina Gamecocks

5. Jim Schlossnagle - Texas A&M Aggies

6. Jay Johnson - LSU Tigers

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