When you use apps on your phone, are you aware of the ones that are tracking your every move? Snapchat has a feature called Snap Map that shares your exact location with your friends but it could also be seen by strangers. 

Tracking friends can be a lot of fun but when strangers can get involved that’s when it takes a bad turn. Snap Map uses geolocation to let you see the avatars of your friends moving around on a map. You can select specific people to see you but if you send a snap to "Our Story" which is a collection of images submitted from different users that are curated by Snapchat's team, your location is potentially visible to everyone, including strangers.


There I am at work. Not a big deal but when I go home or to a restaurant to meet up with friends, I don't want everyone to know where I am so here's how to turn the feature off:

  1. First you must know how to get to Snap Map - On your camera screen pinch your fingers together.
  2. Select the settings icon ∗ in the top right corner.
  3. Pick which setting you would like between Ghost Mode, My Friends or Select Friends.

That's it. Pretty easy but it took me a while to find it since I just started on Snapchat today. I get into my research!

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