There will be a virtual premiere appreciation concert "Hero Behind the Mask" from Hempstead Hall presented by local entertainer and owner of HeBrews11:1 Coffee Arnetta Bradford on Thursday, Oct. 15, at 7PM.

This concert is a thank you for all community members affected by the coronavirus pandemic. According to a press release “Everyone in our area has been affected in some way by the COVID-19 crisis, but some have been affected more than others,” said Bradford.

“This concert is a special way to say ‘we see you and appreciate you for all you’re doing.’”

Originally planned as an appreciation banquet for healthcare workers, cosmetologists, barbers, educators, non-profit and small business workers, “Hero Behind the Mask” developed into a virtual experience once it was clear that large group events are not going to be possible for a while. “Arnetta approached me with this fantastic idea back in the spring while several businesses were mandated to shut down,” said Amanda Lance, director of Hempstead Hall and Workforce Development for the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana. “She had hoped to have this event Hempstead Hall to welcome everyone back to ‘normal’ and show the community’s appreciation for what these people have been through. Unfortunately, we’re not returning to ‘normal’ anytime soon so Arnetta wanted to express her thanks now.”Performers set for the concert includeArnetta Bradford, The Daniels Family, Daulton Brewer, and Bitsy Carter.

There will be words of encouragement offered by local personalities including Laura Clark (UAHT Interim Chancellor), Cliff Johnson (Garrett Memorial Baptist Church pastor, Beckie Moore (Hope-Hempstead County Chamber of CommerceExecutive Director), Daulton Brewer, Matthew Pagels (New LIfe Church of Hope pastor).

For more information, please call 870-772-8565 or follow Hempstead Hall on their  Facebook page for updates.

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