Fox has a new show for the summer and is sounds s like fun. The show's called Take Me Out, and it's exactly what it sounds like: a show about speed dating!

It's got a studio audience and totally has a game show feel to it, and it features a 30 single women panel. The 30 women then meet several bachelors who try impress them with their looks, personality and sense of humor — if she likes the bachelor, she keeps her light on; if not, she turns it off.


Then the dude takes to the stage and walks around and turns off the lights of the gals that he is not into, then the bachelor will pose one final question to the two remaining women before choosing the winner. The new couple will then be sent on a romantic date.

But don't cry over those left behind, as the 29 + 1 new girl will come back for the next game. This so reminds me of the MTV show 'Singled Out'.

Is this something you would watch?