As reported earlier, Jermaine Jones was shown the door by American Idol execs for lying about his criminal past. Now it looks like Jermaine could've stayed…if he wasn't a HUGE liar! The truth would have set you free, Jermaine! Producer Nigel Lythgoe  stated that they had no choice but to let Jones go. The biggest red flag was Jones' multiple fake names when he was charged with his crimes.
Lythgoe Warwick explain the situation:

There might be other false names and other charges out there that we just dont know about. We help them where we can in clearing them up.

Producers broke the news to Jones (which they caught on tape) and after they told him what they found out Jones was very apologetic. But Jermaine hid the truth, and now he's out at Idol. Do you think this was the right punishment for Jermaine's criminal past?