Have a hot date coming up? If dinner is on the agenda, steer clear of these anti-aphrodisiac foods, unless you aren't looking to end the night with more than a good night kiss.Foods that will not put you in the mood for love:

Beans: The gas factor is high with beans, which is a huge no-no, but they also cause bloating which can make you feel uncomfortable in the heat of the moment!

Red Meat: Sure, it sounds safe, but having a steak on a date will inevitably make you super sluggish and tired at the end of the night!

Black Licorice: If you are seeing a movie, choose any candy but black licorice! Studies have found it lowers sex drive in both men and women!

Gum: Stick with mints for fresh breath. Chewing gum can cause major gas problems, because you are sucking in so much air as you chew.

[Source: Cosmo]