Leaving Dogs and Children in Hot Cars Kills
On a day that doesn't seem very hot to you like a 78 degree day, the temperature inside your car can reach 120 degrees within minutes and cracking your windows will not help enough to save your pet or child. What would you do if you saw a dog inside of a car that was not running, the windows we…
Does Your Kid Say "What the Frick!"
My stepson says "What the FRICK?!" when he is frustrated about a game he is playing on his tablet. When I heard the word 'frick' I stopped for a second and wondered if that is considered a bad word. What do you think?
Survival Tips
If your child were alone in an emergency, would he know what to do without an adult to take care of him? Every child needs to learn how to handle being lost, how to answer the door when at home alone, how to dial 911 to report an emergency and how to avoid dangerous situations by being alert.
Brilliant Babies Learn to Read [VIDEOS]
It may seem that our modern culture doesn’t really encourage children to read much these days. With all the cartoons, video games and social media sites available today, it is no wonder that our young people are easily distracted. That’s one of the reasons I&CloseCurl…

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