Dua Lipa's got new rules and now a new record under her belt to match.

According to the Economic Times, the British pop soloist hit an insane breakthrough in her music career this week when she became the youngest female artist in history yet to transcend one billion views on a music video on YouTube. In a little less than a year — 223 days, to be exact — Lipa's girl-powered visualization for "New Rules" reeled in more than one billion watches on the video-sharing program.

Currently, this makes her the youngest female soloist to reach the mark with a stand-alone music video, which also helped launch the singer's subscriber fanbase from 800K to nearly 5 million supporters.

In response, the "IDGAF" star couldn't contain her excitement over the news of the recent record she'd just broken: "I picked up the phone and found out I am the youngest female artist to hit 1 BILLION views on a music video #newrules WHAAAAA!!!" Lipa tweeted with glee, signing off her gratitude with a heart.

In reference to the article, as of this Friday (February 16), Lipa's vid, which was first shared to the platform on July 7, 2017, is the 100th video to boast such a record on the website with 1.01 billion views.

The new success puts the musician's bop ahead of other celebrated pop songs like Jack Ü and Justin Bieber's "Where Are Ü Now" (uploaded June 2015) and Pitbull's Kesha-assisted EDM banger "Timber" (uploaded in November 2013).

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