Dove Cameron is trying to backpedal on a cruel tweet she sent to one of her fans, but the damage has been done.

On Friday (July 6), the former Disney star lashed out at a fan for wanting too much attention from their favorite stars, her specifically. "Honestly my goal rn in life is for you to notice me," a fan wrote the 22-year-old on Twitter.

Cameron replied in a now-deleted tweet, writing back, "That's a very small and unimportant life goal. And maybe if I notice you you [sic] will realize how unfulfilling that is and turn your phone off because celebrities don't matter."

Dove Cameron Mean Tweet Cancelled
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The actress continued: "GO FIND YOURSELF IN NATURE AND CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE PHILOSOPHY. aim higher, babe."

Cameron's fans felt her response to the admirer's harmless plea was severe if not totally uncalled for, igniting a protest against the entertainer using the hashtag #DoveCameronIsOverParty.

"#DoveCameronIsOverParty how can you tell someone who essentially helped build your career, that them getting acknowledgement [sic] for stanning you, isn't important?" one user wrote in response to the Descendant star's rejoinder. "If it matters to them, it's of importance to them! that's some f---ed up s--t to say to someone who looks up to you."

Another wrote: "Dove Cameron is cancelled. You don't respond that way to a fan. Trash."

While some fans rallied for turning their support to a more deserving celeb like fellow actress-singer Sabrina Carpenter, others contrasted Cameron's cutting response to that of English singer Dua Lipa, who also received the same tweet.

The Liv and Maddie performer addressed the outrage by issuing an apology the following day, saying she never meant any harm by her tweet and that it was meant to be a loving message.

"I truly truly [sic] didn’t mean to say anything earlier that hurt feelings." she explained, adding, "Sometimes i see celebrity culture and think it encourages something a bit insidious, and i talk about that a lot! i definitely see how my words seemed harsh. i meant them as loving!"

Do you believe Cameron's justification? Let us know in the comments, below.

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