I was paying a little too much attention to my yummy coffee and not enough to the amount of pressure my right foot was applying to the accelerator of my Jeep. He saw me, I saw him and boom went the blue lights.

I'm not sure what the officer said when he came to my window because my dog was barking non-stop. I tried to read his lips and guess at what he wanted from me. First I handed over my license to carry a concealed handgun then the digging for my driver's license began. I had to unbuckle my seat-belt and turn around in the seat to get the bag that is usually in a pouch of my dog's vest but not today of course. As my nervous fingers fumbled for my license, I dropped a bunch of cards on the floorboard. My next treasure hunt was in the glove box for my insurance card. After the fact I am wondering, id he ask for my registration? I could only hear bark, bark, bark. I guess he didn't since what I handed him was all he took back to his patrol car. He'd probably had enough of the circus.

I apologized each time I handed him a new item. I didn't intend to speed. Thankfully the officer issued a warning and not a ticket. I'll go back to using cruise control on Jefferson Avenue as soon as I exit the access road.

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