Demi Lovato has a new look … or does she?

The teen queen just shared a photo of herself with a brand new hairstyle on Twitter. Lovato, whose locks were long, wavy and red a few days ago, debuted a chin-length, blunt, black bob with straight bangs. Lovato even asked fans:” Hey guys… Like my new look? : P”

Yes, Demi, we love it. It’s Roaring ’20s-inspired, sophisticated, sexy and in that timeless ‘Great Gatsby’ flapper style. It frames her beautiful face and the fringe plays up her dark eyes and lush, long lashes. We also like the serious pose Lovato strikes in this shot.

However, we’re thinking it might be a wig.

Here’s why: It’s hard to make that extreme of a change overnight, and while Lovato certainly has the natural beauty, the confidence and not to mention an army of stylists at her disposal in order to help her pull it off, hair can be a bit of a security blanket and Lovato was rocking a cascade of follicles for quite some time. Cutting it all off and adding bangs in one fell swoop is jarring. Also, this look is also very popular as a wig.

Real or not, though, Demi Lovato looks hot.