On July 24, 2018 Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital after experiencing a near-fatal drug overdose. In the year that's followed, the pop star checked herself into rehab and has been focusing on her sobriety ever since. Part of that constant battle is ridding herself of negative influences, and according to a source she's been doing a great job of cleaning house.

"Demi is very focused and committed to her sobriety and being the best version of herself that she can be," the insider told E! News. "She has surrounded herself with good people and the right kind of friends. She has gotten rid of the negative influences and made a conscience effort to clean house and start over."

Part of being the "best version of herself" is treating her body and mind right — something the 26-year-old is very serious about. "She works out at Unbreakable with a trainer several times a week. She goes to therapy. She eats healthy food and takes great care of herself," the source added. "She goes to lunch or dinner with friends. Her health and well-being are her priority. Her life is simple but fulfilling because she is feeling great."

Though she's focusing on herself (as proved by a powerful new finger tattoo), Lovato hasn't forgotten her fans and is working on new music. "She has a lot to say and can't wait to share it," the insider said. "She's feeling the best she has ever felt and is very grateful."

"She will be releasing music next year and a lot of her tracks will be influenced by her dark days and her rising up against her struggles," another source added.

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