They secretly dated for one year and now they are married. Last Wednesday, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz tied the knot. Craig is the sixth James Bond. Weisz is an Oscar winner for the 2005 film ‘The Constant Gardener.’ They started dating within the last year after co-starting in the 'Dream House' which is a horror movie that has not been released.

It was a small ceremony. There were no paparazzi because, well, no one knew they were even an item much less planning a wedding. Craig’s daughter, Ella, who is 18, Weisz’s son, Henry, who is 4, and two friends who acted as witnesses were the only guests.


They are both from England. Weisz has never been married. This is marriage number two for Craig. She is 41 and he is 43. She looks so much younger than he does, to me anyway. Maybe she wears sunscreen and he doesn't.