Texas High Students are making a big name for themselves in both choir and band! Congratulations to these talented students and their hard work.

During the recent Texas Music Educators Association Pre-Area Choir Auditions, which were held virtually and through recorded submissions, six Texas High School Choir students were selected to advance to Area Choir Auditions on January 2021.

They are: Jeremy Creek (1st Chair, Bass 2); Madison Frost (1st Chair, Alto 2); Madelyn Snow (1st Chair, Soprano 2); Zane Johnston (4th Chair, Bass 1); Isabel Silva Centeno (4th Chair, Alto 1); Wisdom Alonge (5th Chair, Alto 2


Pictured above:
Top Row: Madelyn Snow, Madison Frost, Jeremy Creek
Bottom Row: Isabel Silva Centeno, Zane Johnston, Wisdom Alonge

Also during virtual auditions and recorded submissions, sixteen Texas High School Freshman Band students earned placement in the Texas Music Educators Association Freshman All-Region Honor Band.

They are: Reina Lenoir (1st Chair, Bass Clarinet); Angel Ramirez (1st Chair, Euphonium); Brett Sparks (1st Chair, Horn); Nadia Dodson (2nd Chair, Flute); Tahbri Johnson (2nd Chair, Euphonium); Jonathan Jones (2nd Chair, Tuba); Adam McCarter (2nd Chair, Alto Saxophone); Nick Nard (3rd Chair, Trumpet); Gracie Tucker (3rd Chair, Bass Clarinet); Robert Weaver (4th Chair, Tuba); Tyler Unger (5th Chair, Trumpet); Riley White (5th Chair, Clarinet); Jessie Garren (6th Chair, Percussion); Max Henry (7th Chair, Percussion); Marlie Watson (8th Chair, Clarinet); Austin Barwick (9th Chair, Trumpet).


Pictured above:
Front Row: Tyler Unger, Reina Lenoir, Gracie Tucker, Jessie Garren, Nadia Dodson, Adam McCarter, Brett Sparks, Nick Nard
Back Row: Jonathan Jones, Riley White, Marlie Watson, Austin Barwick, Max Henry, Angel Ramirez
Not pictured: Tahbri Johnson, Robert Weave

And Fourteen Texas High School senior band students were selected to the Four States Bandmasters Honor Band based upon director recommendation and on their musical resume.

Selectees include: Connor Corbett; Katarina Jordan; Molly Laird; Josh Lauterbach; Carlos Penate; Madisyn Points; Raven McCoy; Jalena McDermott; Hope McDonald; Ana Moreno; Gabby Reed; Macy Sloan; Jenna Woodard; Kate Woodward.


Pictured above:

Front Row: Raven McCoy, Jalena McDermott, Hope McDonald, Gabby Reed, Macy Sloan, Connor Corbett, Carlos Penate
Back Row: Katarina Jordan, Josh Lauterbach, Kate Woodard, Jenna Woodard, Madisyn Points, Molly Laird
Not Pictured: Ana Moreno


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