Power 95-9 and Parks Diamond Jewelers congratulate our 'Worst Valentines Day Ever' Contest winner Morgan Bennett.

Morgan won a chocolate diamond ring from 'Parks Jewelers' with her e mail entry into the contest. Here is Morgan's entry:

As soon as I heard about this contest I knew that I had a great story to tell...even if it isn't the winner...it will still be entertaining for you! It all started with a first date on a Valentine's night...not a blind date at least! I had met him and I thought he was a nice guy. At the time I lived in Conway, AR so he wanted to take me to a nice restaurant in Little Rock (which is a 30 minute drive). So I wore a cute little dress. At dinner, he ordered a very fancy bottle of wine. We finished that bottle! The night was going well. On our way home after dinner, it began to rain. As we were taking the on ramp to the interstate, we hydroplaned and wrecked (almost smashing into the overpass). Once we realized we were ok, he decided he needed to call his parents to help us! I thought "Great! I get to meet his parents this way! That's a lot for a first date!" His parents lived 45 minutes away so we had to wait for them. In the meantime, a state trooper pulls up to check on the wreck. Of course, the trooper smelled alcohol on his breath. Let the sobriety test begin! It didn't take long...and he failed! So off he goes handcuffed in the back of a trooper car...and I'm stuck on the side of the interstate in my cute little dress...freezing cold...waiting on his PARENTS to get there. So, the second trooper who had arrived on the wreck offered to let me sit in his car! But not the front seat...I had to crawl in the back seat scrunched up like a criminal...waiting for his parents. He said his wife wouldn't allow women in the front seat of his cruiser.  And I thought that meeting his parents during the wreck was embarrassing...now I get to meet them while crawling out of the back seat of the trooper car so they can take me with them to go free him out of jail.  Once we bailed him out of jail in the middle of the night, his parents were in the front seat and we were in the back seat, silent, while they drove me back the 30 minutes to Conway! "Nice to meet you!" Needless to say, we didn't date after that! Now that is one nasty Valentine's date, isn't it.  But there's more to tell you...you've hung in there this long that I might as well tell you the rest because it only gets better.
A few months later, I met a wonderful man whom I started dating very seriously. He wanted to introduce me to his best friend. When we met, I found out that his best friend was a State Trooper. My first thought was to tell him my only experience with a State Trooper.  I began the story like this: "I was on a first date with a guy..." and his best friend interrupted me and said "he had a wreck and got a DWI.  I was the one who arrested him!"

The State Trooper, who arrested my Valentine's date, was the best man in our wedding a few years later! It's a small world!