When it becomes more about the sizzle than the steak, then can you actually believe the stories they report?

So a few days ago CNN's Nancy Grace is doing her show live from Arizona, reporter Ashley Banfield is also in Arizona when they go to a live split-screen shot with Grace chatting with Banfield to get latest scoop on whatever the heck it was they were yakking about. Well, as reported on TheAtlanticWire.com, someone was paying attention as to what was happening in the back ground of the two shots, turns out it was the very same vehicles passing behind the reporters mere seconds apart. That's right, they were doing all this high-tech, fancy-schmancy reporting from the same parking lot!

Wouldn't it be cheaper, more efficient and frankly much easier to have Ms. Banfield just walk the 30 feet over to Ms. Grace and do the interview on the same camera?

I know in the grand scheme of things this is pretty unimportant, but it's just another of the many reasons why CNN's ratings are in the toilet and they have not been been the most "Trusted Name in News" for a very long time.

Click here to see the video proof at TheAtlanticWire.com, it's pretty amusing.