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Wes and Mimi Compare "Takis" and "Great Value" Brand Snacks
I recently discovered how yummy and addicting "Takis" are, which are mini rolled corn tortilla chips, when Wes introduced them to me. Then, my stepson brought some home, too. While shopping for another bag to replace the one I downed at home, I came across a larger "Great …
How to Easily Get Dog Hair Out of Your Vehicle
More and more people are taking their four-legged friends along for rides in the car these days. Dog hair can quickly accumulate in the seats and on the floor. Vacuuming your vehicle can be such a hassle sometimes. It is time consuming and doesn't seem to always get all of the dog hair out. I h…
Interrogation of Sixth Grader Regarding Dance Party
My stepson attended his first dance this past weekend at Texas Middle School. Finding information about the event was like pulling teeth. Interrogation might be a bit of a strong word. Maybe I should say "talk" or "conversation" but it was really pretty …
See What's in Our Breakroom Refrigerator
Every now and then, when a bad smell knocks me down as I open the door of the refrigerator at work, I decide it's time to do a clean out. I try hard not to toss anything that might still be good but sometimes mistakes are made. I boo-booed and put a peach in the trash pile on the floor that tur…
Mimi Wins Crawfish Eating Contest at Mudbug Madness 2016
The Mudbug Madness festival in Shreveport is one of my favorite events to attend each year. It involves a lot of crawfish eating, shopping and great music. I am still the reigning champ of the women's crawfish eating contest. This year's event was pretty special and my best win so far.
How to Peel and Eat a Crawfish
Crawfish are one of my favorite foods. I hear some people say it is too much work. I say if you know how to do it properly, eating a crawfish is faster than eating most foods.

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