Funny Videos

Good or Bad Spider?
Imagine coming face to face with one of your biggest fears. As you are reaching up to fill the cat's food bowl on the top tier of their tower, your hand hits a sticky web then your eyes move up to see the biggest spider you have ever seen in your life.
Is This The Shortest Fireworks Show Ever?
Fireworks are a big deal here in Texarkana with the annual 'Sparks in the Park' show that usually lasts about 20 minutes, but this show from San Diego lasted a whopping 15 seconds.
Pick Your Pop
Tootsie Roll Pops have been around through many childhoods. If you love pops, which one of these flavors would you pick first if you could reach through the screen and grab one?
I recently discovered how yummy and addicting "Takis" are, which are mini rolled corn tortilla chips, when Wes introduced them to me. Then, my stepson brought some home, too. While shopping for another bag to replace the one I downed at home, I came across a larger "Great Value" brand bag so we put them to the test to see which one was better.

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