Bizzarro News

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a chicken just standing on the shoulder of the interstate. It looked like she was just resting. I discovered that wasn't actually the case when I went back to investigate.
I discovered something very scary recently -- a ground hornet that can sting multiple times without dying in my backyard in the Texarkana area. They burrow their nests in the ground and will swarm on a moment's notice. Thankfully, the day that I found them was early enough in the day and cold temps kept them sleepy so they didn't attack.
Strange Southern Food Combinations That Are Actually Really Good
Do you crave certain food with other foods that don't go together? Pickles with peanut butter, mayonnaise with crawfish, or cheese curls with cereal. What are your strange favorite food combinations? This morning I wanted breakfast and lunch, so basically brunch but I mixed the two like purple hull peas with grits, collard greens and an omelet.

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