ABC is the worst about bringing a new show to us then cancelling it in the first season or sometimes after just a few episodes. My gripe today is the cancellation of their new show "Downward Dog." How can they give us the dog Martin then take him away from us? There needs to be some serious backlash on this one. 

The plot of "Downward Dog" is possibly a little too slow for many to follow and hang on but anything told through the eyes of a dog is hilarious. Not to mention the fact that fans of the show fans feel like Martin (the dog) is a part of our pack now. How can you possibly just snatch a family member from me like that?!

The show's producers announced the cancellation from ABC on Twitter last week.

Maybe I'm taking this news hard because I am a big dog lover. I am a dog rescuer too although, truth be told, I had not idea that Martin was adopted from an animal shelter specifically for this show. He isn't homeless if the show is over. He will live with his trainer but still, we won't get to hear his commentary of life as he sees it. Martin's real name is Ned. I have to say that Martin's character reminds me a lot about my Maddie who was also adopted from an animal shelter. They act a lot alike but Martin puts words to the actions so I can understand Maddie better.


I see a movement of folks hoping another network will pick up the show. I have let networks jerk shows out from under my watch before without causing a riff, but that all changes now. I will not just quietly take this as the final curtain for Martin. Whose with me?

Has there been a TV show that you were super upset about when it was cancelled? Email me and tell me about it.


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