This is an opportunity to have experienced gun handlers teach your children how to properly shoot and handle rifles and shotguns during this training event. 

Kids can attend two different training sessions to learn about rifles and shotguns. Each event will start with a safety meeting and shotgun inspection before kids can shoot. All forms must be turned in prior to shooting. See form link below. The club will have two 12 gauge shotguns and two 20 gauge youth model shotguns available for kids who don't have a shotgun or would rather use the club's guns.

  • Kids need to bring $4 for each round of practice. Time permitting, kids may shoot more than 1 round which is 25 targets.
  • Each kid will receive one box of shells from the club; bring additional ammo and money if your kid wants to shoot again.
  • You don't have to be there right at 4PM but get there as soon as you can. If it is raining, practice will be cancelled.
  • Sign up and pay online. The fee is $25.

Galo Morlet, a 4-H shotgun shooting coach, said, “The greatest gratification that I have in teaching kids how to shoot a shotgun is safety and how to handle a firearm. Teaching kids firearm safety is essential in their life because hiding guns from them only makes them curious about what a firearm can do if not handled properly. It’s not about hitting the target every time, it’s about knowing how to handle a firearm and the damage that it can do if not handled safely and properly.”

The Shotgun Shooting Sports Project is a comprehensive introduction to shooting sports safety and the fundamentals of competitive shotgun shooting. 4-H Club members and non-members ages 9-19 are welcome to sign up for the practice.

  • Rifle practice will be held on Mondays from February 20 to April 24 at 4PM at the Texarkana Gun Club.
  • Shotgun practice will be held on Thursdays from February 23 to April 27 at 4PM at the Maud Gun Club.

To get more information call 903-628-6702 or visit their Facebook page.

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