Texarkana is a good place to eat great food at cheap prices. There are a ton of restaurant choices and some super deals waiting for hungry folks. From sandwiches to Chinese food, the following list is compiled with input from a coworker and my personal experiences for the cheapest deals around to make your dollar stretch and your tummy full.

Family Dinners - Julie's: The chicken spaghetti casserole comes in various sizes. I suggest getting a medium. It has enough to serve 6 to 8 people for less than $20. Have it for dinner one night and freeze the rest for a quick snack for the kids next week. Watch for daily specials and buy one, get one free deals.

Papa Murphy's

Pizza & Italian - Papa Murphy's & Joe's Pizza and Pasta: For about $20 you can feed the whole family dinner and dessert is an amazing deal at Papa Murphy's. Watch for our station's Seize the Deal specials to get it for even cheaper! One pizza doesn't usually do it for my group of eaters but the difference is Papa Murphy's stuffed pizza. It fills the crew up and there is usually leftovers for me to take to work for lunch. Try Joe's Pizza and Pasta for spaghetti, meat balls, Italian sausage, chicken parmigiana, lasagna, manicotti, cannelloni, baked ziti or cheese ravioli with salad and bread for less than $10. They are located downtown across from the Federal Courthouse.

Mexican - Taco Bell & TaMolly's: A quick bean burrito and nachos for lunch at Taco Bell any day of the week is around $2.  Taco Tuesdays and Enchilada Wednesdays at TaMolly's for only $5.00 is hard to beat, includes chips and salsa.

Sandwiches - Subway: Eat healthy at a great value with their $5 footlongs.

Chicken - Chicken Express & Wingstop: You can get a chicken tender meal at Chicken Express starting at less than $5 and there is enough to feed two people unless you are one of those who likes to over-stuff yourself. A family can dine at Wingstop for less than $30 and get it your way. I like flats only and my husband is a boneless wing fan.

Golden Palace Buffet

Chinese - Golden Palace & China Inn: Golden Palace has a great mix of traditional Chinese food on the buffet and the salad bar is loaded. There is even a chocolate fountain and ice cream, too. Lunch buffet is less than $10 which is a steal when you see how much you get. China Inn has a great plate-lunch for around $5 and includes soup, too.


Burgers - Sonic & TLC: Check out the dollar value menu at Sonic. Junior deluxe burger or a burrito for only a buck! A small tots or fries for only a buck! TLC has fabulous homemade burgers and fries starting around $5.

Big Jake's BBQ

BBQ - Big Jake's: Great BBQ at a great value. For just about $3 you can get a great sloppy joe sandwich. They also have some of the best sweet tea in Texarkana. Watch Seize the Deal often to save even more!

The key to getting the cheapest deal at any restaurant is to skip the beverage. This works great for to-go orders but if you are eating in, go for a glass of water instead of a high-priced soda or tea. You can also get in on the best discounts by watching Facebook pages, signing up for discount clubs, calling ahead for daily specials and seizing the deal.

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