We have a Salvation Army "Angel Tree" in the lobby of our Townsquare Media Radio Stations at 2324 Arkansas Boulevard. Please help us make it a Merry Christmas for someone in need.

  1. Pick an Angel Tag (Boy, Girl, or Senior)
  2. Purchase clothing and gifts listed. (You may also purchase gifts of your choosing based on the age of the child/senior. If a large item is on an Angel Tag, please do not feel obligated to purchase the item. These children will be excited to receive any gift however great or small. Wish items are simply suggestions made by the parent.)
  3. Please do not wrap any gifts (security measure)
  4. Place purchased items in a bag. (Please do not combine more than one Angel in a bag)
  5. Securely place Angel Tag inside of bag. (If an item is too big to fit in a bag, please write the Angel Tag # on a piece of paper and tape it to the item.)
  6. Please no candy, gift receipts, or gift cards.
  7. Any electronic games purchased must be "Rated E for Everyone".
  8. Bring the items back to the radio station studios, before Tuesday December 16, where it will be picked up by the Salvation Army.

If you can, please help. We hope to see you when you stop by to get your Angel Tag, and together we can make it a Merry Christmas for all of the good little boys and girls in Texarkana.