Aruba Networks, which provides WiFi for Ashdown Public Schools, gifted almost $14,000 of outdoor wireless equipment to Ashdown High School and Ashdown Junior High to assist with providing outdoor wireless access for students.

The outdoor kits will allow students who do not have internet access at home to use the school Wi-Fi from the safety of their car in the parking lots surrounding each school. These outdoor wireless kits were provided to the district free of cost.

According to Casey Nichols, Ashdown Superintendent, “We are so fortunate to have received this equipment from Aruba Networks, we value our partnership with them and their commitment to Ashdown Public Schools.  And, I am so appreciative of our Technology Department for their expertise and time to bring this project to completion."

The Aruba Network engineers assisted the district Technology Department with installation and configuration.  The new access points are located at the high school front parking lot, high school student parking lot, and the high school bus drive.  At AJHS, they are located in the cafeteria parking lot, front parking lot, and bus drive.  The normal school internet filtering will continue through these access points, so activity can be monitored and tracked.
Ashdown Public School Technology Coordinator David Billingsley said, “I’m excited to add this outdoor WIFi access for our students to use during this unprecedented time.  Those needing to use the new system will use the cloud guest network and be required to register with a valid email address or phone number that is able to receive SMS text for verification.”

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