I guess I qualify as a pack rat because I do not like to throw away items that I may need later. Do you know what I am talking about? I absolutely hate it when I need something and realize that I either sold it at a yard sale or threw it away.

From clothing that has made it full circle and is in style again to a stupid little bowl, I want to keep it all just in case I need it again.

Example one: The blazer that I sold for a buck at a yard sale. I miss that blazer and I bet it misses me too.When I realized the error of my ways I went out and purchased three new-to-me blazers but none of them could fill the shoes of the one that got away.

Example two: The wooden shelving unit with a lock on it. It had adjustable shelves. I could have used that shelf at least one hundred times since I sold it. Why in the world did I sell it?! I was trying to minimize, cut down on furniture. What a mistake.

I have it bad but you know what? I do not plan to change a thing other than be better at organizing my stuff so I don't spend hours looking for that 'thing' I know I have somewhere.

Are you a Pack Rat too?