If you were all about Andy Cohen and his fake mullet lip syncing their way through "Working for the Weekend," then get ready for a second dose of expressive body movements.

The Watch What Happens Live host took the Lip Sync Battle stage to perform Cher's "I Found Someone," and while it's slightly less theatrical than "Working for the Weekend," the clip is equally entertaining. Showcasing his deft knowledge of each camera's precise location, Andy looks to a different one every few seconds, all with increasing drama.

Did you know Lip Sync Battle is a huge success? Its series premiere actually had the highest debut ratings for a non-scripted show in all of Spike TV's history. The show's already been renewed for a second season, because there's nothing the general public likes more than watching celebrities do better what the rest of us do everyday.

Kudos to John Krasinski, one of the show's producers, who took a talk show's novelty segment (it remains a staple on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) and turned it into a successful, 30-minute television program. Because if there's anything we've learned about trends in entertainment, it's that when the general public truly seems to enjoy something, it's best to capitalize on that success as quickly as possible by beating it into the ground until the narrative ultimately shifts in opposition. Then you wait ten years and try to resurrect it.

At least, for now, the show doesn't take itself seriously. Check out Andy Cohen performing 30 seconds of Cher's "I Found Someone" in the video above.

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