Texas A&M University-Texarkana’s Extended Education and Community Development (EECD) department is offering a 50% grant for workforce training for anyone who has experienced a hardship due to COVID-19. This covers online, start anytime training that can be completed in six months or less.

COVID-19 related hardships include loss of job by the applicant or a household member, a reduction in work hours, illness of the applicant or a family member, childcare issues, housing issues, a wish to re-enter the workforce, or the need for skilled training.

According to a press release the training is available in the following areas:

• Healthcare

• Software, IT, & web Development

• Business, Management, & Accounting

• Project Management & Quality Assurance

• Skilled Trades & Technology

• Law

• Arts

Anyone interested in applying for the grant should use the following link to apply by January 30, 2021: https://www.tamut.edu/eecd/CCI_Pandemic_Grant.html. For additional information about the grant please email eecd@tamut.edu or call (903) 334-6683.

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