Now is the perfect time in Arkansas for loading up family or friends to take a kayak trip through some of the most beautiful rivers and valleys in the state. With all the rain we've been having rivers are rushing like crazy.

Depending on your adventure, there are several miles of rivers from which to choose from. Some may be more treacherous than others for the more experienced adventurer to some not as wild for that peaceful float trip down a lazy river.

Sure you could go to Colorado but you can find everything you need right here in Arkansas with most places from Texarkana just minutes away or less than a day away. Nothing clears the mind and soothes the soul more than floating one of Arkansas' pristine rivers, lakes, or canyons in a canoe, kayak, or innertube. Oh, and don't be surprised if you see some wildlife along the way like an occasional deer, coyote, bear, hawk, or eagle.

Let's take a look at some great places in Arkansas to take a float trip.

Cossatot River

If you want to have a white water experience canoeing or kayaking this is the place to visit. Located near the small town of Wickes. This river offers spectacular scenery at every turn, this is a float trip you'll remember forever.

Caddo River

A popular destination from Texarkana, the Caddo River located near the town of Glenwood is some of the most scenic and most beautiful views you'll see as you float between the backdrop of the Ouachita mountains. This is also a medium to easy trip depending on how much rain has fallen. I've personally floated this trip in a canoe and it was very serene.

Big Piney Creek

Noted for being one of the best-kept secrets in Arkansas, Big Piney is well known for a section of rapids that have nicknames like "Cascades of Extinction," "Roller Coaster," and "Surfing Hole." Floating here ranges from easy to difficult depending on where you are.

Little Missouri River

If you ask people in Texarkana and the surrounding area where one of their favorite places they like to go for swimming, floating, or camping, most will tell you the Little Missouri River. I think a lot of us would tell you we have a ton of childhood memories here and has probably become a generational tradition. Located by nearby Murfreesboro, This float trip can be easy to extremely difficult depending on what section of the river you are on and how much rain the area has had.

Kings River

This is one of the most beautiful trips on a kayak or canoe you can take. The views are jaw-dropping spectacular as you near the towering cliffs and canyons. This magnificent river starts in the Boston Mountains and twists, turns, runs all the way into Table Rock Lake in Missouri This is one you have to put on your bucket list.

Do you have a favorite place you like to float?

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