This definitely goes in the 'I thought I have seen it all' file.Mommy Milk Creations can preserve your hard-pumped breast milk into baubles for bracelets or a locket pendant to wear around your neck. Just pick your favorite of the 29 different shapes from doves, hearts, maybe a star, or a variety of flowers or tiny footprints. Then choose the color of the pendant you want your milk embedded into, then add your child's name and presto a memento that will have everybody talking.

Prices vary depending on the shape and setting you want, but they start at $60 with some costing more than $100. Sometimes you can't quite put a dollar amount on the reactions of others when the wearer of this jewelry explains the content.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the Rhode Island mom who is making these milk-filled pendants can't even keep up with the orders.

The strangest thing is she is not the only one making these breast milk keepsakes. There is one person who is selling a kit for moms to make their own breast milk keepsakes at home!

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