The Tramp Stamp. That tattoo that is located on the lower back of women. I wanted to get one. When I talked about getting the tattoo my sister and mom cringed. I haven't done it...yet. I may still do it. If I lose 40 pounds I think I will. Ha! That's almost a guarantee that it won't happen.

The tramp stamp may have a bad name, but in reality it's a very popular place for women to get inked because it's easily hidden – but when you want to show it, you can.

In fact, nearly 23% of tattooed females have lower back ink.

How did it ever get associated with promiscuity? According to a French study, women with a tramp stamp are generally more sexually active than women without one. The reason – women with ink and piercings get hit on more than women without – because men think they have a better chance at getting lucky with someone who has body art. Maybe it has something to do with the perception that tattooed or pierced women are more comfortable in their own skin, or it's just a stereotype that anyone with a tattoo lives an "edgy" lifestyle, but either way, a lower back tattoo has morphed into an invitation to get hit on by dudes.