Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's song 'It Takes Two' came out in the late of '88. It started to get traction here a little later.

The day this song was played for the first time was Hell Week in Texarkana – the week that Texas High School and Arkansas High School played themselves in football.

Do you remember that? Where were you when the song came out?

Where was Wes?

The first time I heard the song, we were at State Line, where everybody cruised back then. We were in the parking lot of the old Baskin-Robbins. It was also the first time I ever heard a vocal sound sampled as part of the beat.

I liked it.

I remember during that Hell Week time, people in the Arkansas stayed on that side, and very seldom would they wander on to our side unless they were getting into some egg slinging. The rivalry is nowhere near as crazy now as it was back then.

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