Have you ever wondered why your guy makes certain gestures or runs his fingers through his hair at certain times? Here is your guy's body language decoded! You get the inside secrets.

From Cosmopolitan, ladies, this is important guy stuff you should know. Your guy's body language and what it's "screaming" to you:

  • He has a confession to make -- he'll lean forward, slump his shoulders, and look just above your head.
  • He's insecure -- he'll sit on his hands.
  • He's pissed -- clenched fists, averted eyes, and a tense jaw.
  • He's seriously stressed out -- he can't stop touching or running his fingers through his hair.
  • He's lying -- he'll cover his mouth with his hand or scratch his nose or ears.
  • He's over you -- his eyes are frequently darting off to the sides, and his body is turned away from you.