The tragic tornado in the suburbs of Oklahoma City highlights the need for a plan of what to do if you are ever faced with that situation.First of all, if you are caught outside and cannot get to adequate shelter, lie in a low spot or ditch and cover your head. Stay away from trees or power lines that might come down on you.

Inside a building or home get to the lowest floor available. Go to an interior room or hallway or bathroom, staying away from windows that can shatter. Lie or crouch down and cover your head. If possible protect yourself with a blanket or mattress against falling debris.

If a tornado strikes, be careful afterwards and watch for glass, nails, and other materials that could injure you. If at night, do not strike a match or use a lighter in case there is a gas leak. Also if moving around be careful to avoid anything in contact with downed power lines that may still be live.

If at all  possible a good idea would be to have a small battery operated radio with you so that you can receive information if power is lost. It would be helpful to have an emergency kit available for minor injuries and a storm supply of canned and non-perishable food items and bottled water in case power is out for an extended time.