Someone sent me a video of some crazy college kids doing a dance called 'The Harlem Shake', and I thought I would share the highlarity with you.The Harlem Shake has been around for almost 30 years, but you could say it reached peak popularity around 2001. That's when Jadakiss, Cam'ron, and a few other rappers featured the dance in their videos, and, soon, everyone in the country wanted to try it out. (Even the white kids, who would do it first in front of a mirror, then maybe in front of a friend, and then in public, where a concerned onlooker would inevitably rush over to ensure he wasn't suffering from an epileptic seizure.) It was a magical time.

Save a few recent Tweets from nostalgia master Frank Ocean, though, the Harlem Shake has been out of the public consciousness for a while. This isn't exactly surprising. Fad dances tend to have a very short shelf life. (See: Dougie, Bernie, Stanky Legg.) But then last year, "it DJ" Baauer released the banger "Harlem Shake," .