We've seen plenty of studies that say people like social media more than anything else, so this study seems to be more in line with what we really like.

A group of researchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand had people rate different activities in three categories: Pleasure, engagement, and meaning. And they used it to see which activities bring people the most and least happiness.

As for Facebook and other social media, they didn't even come close. Facebook came in second on the list of things that bring us the least pleasure. The only thing less pleasurable than Facebook was recovering from an illness.

Here are the ten things that bring us the most happiness.

1.) Sex.

2.) Getting drunk.

3.) Volunteering.

4.) Meditation or prayer.

5.) Taking care of children.

6.) Listening to music.

7.) Socializing with friends.

8.) Hobbies.

9.) Shopping.

10.) Video games.

And here are the ten things that bring us the LEAST happiness:

1.) Recovering from an illness.

2.) Facebook.

3.) Housework.

4.) Studying.

5.) Texting.

6.) Going to class.

7.) Going to work.

8.) Commuting.

9.) Fixing computer problems.

10.) Showering.