Where do you fall in the office gossip category? This Men's Health quiz separates the social butterflies from the information vultures.

Take this quiz with your friends at work and find out what kind of an office gossiper you are! Add up the points for each of the answers that best describe you.

Do you IM chat at work?

Just on a slow day (2)
I'm addicted (3)
Not since college (1)

What kind of gossip excites you the most?

Dirt - the bad stuff (3)
Intel that helps at work (2)
Only good news (1)

Where are you in the office hierarchy?

I'm a rookie (1)
I'm a vet with little say (3)
I'm the man in charge (2)

How often do you regret dishing something?

A few times a week (2)
Only during a scandal (1)
Only when I'm caught (3)

Add up your score:

  • 4-6 You're a hermit; a bit more scuttlebutt could benefit your career.
  • 7-9 You strike the perfect balance you're social, but discreet.
  • 10-12 You're a chatterbox. Censor yourself or risk ruining your reputation.