A couple of years ago a group of friends and I traveled to Indianapolis to watch a car race. We flew out of Little Rock with a Stop in St. Louis before we would land in Indy. At the St Louis airport I was pulled aside for a security screening. It seem that the boots I was wearing had an unusual feature on them. The name tag on the side of the heel looked like a knife when it passes through the x ray at the airport. Needless to say I was a little embarrassed. When I was pulled aside the female TSA officer asked me to remove my belt. Now I know what you are thinking a woman patting you down does not sound like such a bad thing , but she was a big burly woman, with what looked like to be a little chest hair. I was a little nervous and when I am nervous I can sometimes crack a joke, but this one got me in trouble. After she asked me to remove my belt, I joking said I usually get dinner first. After she looked at me puzzled, I told her I was joking. She did not find my 'joke' to be funny and then proceeded to pat me down, in front of everyone. She made a comment to me under her breath that she did not need any smarty butt remarks, and this was serious business. After my pat down I was finally let through to board the plane. It was just a little embarrassing to say the least. What is your funniest awkward moment?