My Birthday was last Tuesday, and my sister and her husband made plans to come in over the weekend to come celebrate with the whole family. My mom and dad planned dinner at a local sushi restaurant, which was great by me since sushi is on of my favorite things to eat. Let me give you a little history on my family, my mother is Japanese and my father is just about everything else, German, Dutch, and two different kinds of American Indian. Strange food was kinda the norm at my parents house growing up. With such a diverse cultural background, all types of exotic fish, and seafood, even a Korean dish called Kimchi that is fermented cabbage was served on a regular basis. Last Saturday night my mom and dad, my sister and her husband, my wife the kids and I  went out to eat for my birthday. About halfway through dinner my mom tells me to try something from her plate, she joking tells me I will like it. After trying it without asking what it was, I was a little grossed out, and after a good laugh from everyone at the table I was told it was raw Octopus! I have had cooked Octopus but the raw had a taste all its own. Needless to say that was the first and last time I will have raw Octopus. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?