The recent economic downturn has forced many of us to change the way we spend our hard earned cash. As I was pumping gas yesterday I realized how much the greed of the oil suckers has affected my ability to afford the things I could before the $3 a gallon gas hit. Fewer trips to the store. Fewer trips to town. Fewer meals out. What have you had to give up? What will be the last thing that you cut out of your budget?According to a recent survey, here's what Americans are willing to give up to save money and what they won't give up. When asked to choose the LAST thing they would give up in order to save money, one percent said Starbucks coffee, one percent said online or catalog shopping, four percent said restaurant meals and eight percent said they would give up their cable TV.  Looks like there are a few things that people absolutely will not give up: Fifty-three percent said they would not get rid of their cell phones and thirty-two percent said they couldn't live without their home Internet service.

What would be the last thing you would give up to save money?