'Redshirting' is a growing trend in today's schools, and we wanted to know if you would do this to your child.

Back in the day, parents had to make a choice for their kids who were born in the summer. Start them in school early and have them be the youngest in their class, or wait a year and let them develop both mentally and physically to be ready for the jump to 'big school' as we call it around my house.

There's a new trend in kindergarten called 'Redshirting' where parents intentionally hold their kid back a year. That way, when they start school the next year, they're older than the other kids.

'Redshirting' is a term used in sports when a coach decides not to play someone their first year to let them develop as a player. By 'Redshirting' them, it doesn't cost the player a year of their eligibility.

A study out of the University of Virginia and Stanford University found that it's affluent white people who are leading the trend, trying to get their kids that edge.

Would you 'redshirt' your child if you thought it would help them?