Your cell phone ringtone tells others a lot about your personality. Whether the ring is loud, obnoxious or super quiet, it tells the people around you everything they need to know about who you are.You may not have even thought about it but what message are you sending out to those around you when your phone rings.

So, what does your ringtone say about you:

Vibrate -- You are a responsible, considerate person.

Standard ring: You know, the ones that come with the phone. You are showing your age and your inability to handle technology. You probably don't have a personalized outgoing message either.

Classic rock: Says you are OLD.

Holiday Music: If it's during the holiday season it says you are upbeat and happy. If it's after the holiday is over, it says you are lazy.

Disco: It makes you look as dated as those gold chains and that white suit hanging in the back of your closet.

Hip-hop or R&B: You're young and cool.

Classical: Makes people think you are super smart and probably a genius!

Country: You are a gold ole down-home American.

Jazz: Independent and strong-willed.

TV theme: You haven't grown up.

Animal noises: You think it is hilarious--others will be irritated.

Voices: If it is your voice, you are so conceited. If it is your child's voice it says you are a family oriented person but know that you are irritating others if you let it ring too long.

Ever-changing ringtone: You are fickle and undependable.