The Canadian airline WestJet set up a 'Santa' station at two different airports, where passengers and their kids could talk to a video screen and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

So while people did it while waiting for their flight. But when they landed and got to the baggage claim, the presents they asked for came out on the conveyor belt.

While they were in the air, the airline had gotten 150 volunteers to go from store to store and actually buy the stuff the passengers asked for.

One kid got an Android tablet, several people got flights home for the holidays, and one family got a big screen TV.

Some folks di not realize this was actually going to happen and didn't go BIG enough with their requests. One guy asked for socks and underwear, and that's exactly what he got. Still, he seemed pretty happy with it.

The airline set up a bunch of hidden cameras, so you can check out all the reactions on YouTube