El Chico Texarkana

El Chico Texarkana

Serving Fine Mexican Food Since 1940

The El Chico story began when Adelaida Cuellar’s homemade tamales drew huge crowds at a small county fair in 1926.  Her sons opened a cafe in Dallas following their mother’s recipes for enchiladas with chile con carne sauce.  El Chico is still serving top-quality

Mexican food favorites with fresh new specialties of today.

El Chico only uses the best, highest quality ingredients to bring the freshest Mexican food experience to you. True to tradition and an innovator of new tastes, El Chico is legend, the Mexican food original.  Their restaurant reflects over sixty years of changing tastes and styles and guests’ preferences. They’ve taken care to preserve the heritage while adding exciting new tastes to the menu.

The Top Shelf menu items are signature products, including everything from enchiladas to quesadillas to margaritas.  Menu items are prepared fresh daily, made by hand, and provide a wide variety of choices for every palate.  Superior food and service gives guests a unique and memorable dining experience.

Stop by today  and enjoy a fresh El Chico meal!

420 Realtor Road     Texarkana, AR