When should we celebrate? Valentine's Day is on Monday this year so when do we do the dinner thing and exchange gifts?  It really depends on your schedule.  Saturday is going to be the main day for dinner.  Sending flowers is also going to depend on your schedule.  I can tell you that the ladies like to receive flowers in front of their co-workers so you should plan to have the flowers delivered to her at work.  If she works an eight to five, Monday through Friday job, send the flowers on Monday (BUT ORDER THEM TODAY).  If she works all weekend, you should send them on Friday so she can flaunt, I mean, enjoy them all weekend.

I spoke to Lisa at Ruth's Flowers in Texarkana.  She said that they are going to be working all weekend to cover the Valentine's Day flower orders and deliveries.  She said the biggest delivery day so far is going to be Monday.  Friday comes in second followed by Saturday and then Sunday.  Yes, they will be delivering flowers on Sunday.  Normally they are not open until 5pm on Saturdays and all day on Sunday too but this is a big weekend.

Valentine's Day Mimi-Style

Things not to do on Valentine's Day (I speak from experience):  Do not send your mother to deliver flowers to your new girl.  This is extremely freaky.  Do not give a gift on Valentine's Day and then break up with that same person, on Valentine's Day.  Do not take your date out for dinner and hand her a red, velvet pillow with greentassels that says "Hot Stuff" because you don't know where you are in the relationship.

I watched Modern Family this week and discovered that I'm not the only one that tries to WIN the gift competition.  What a funny show.  On last night's show Jay was trying to make Gloria look foolish with a debacle with reservations at the restaurant because he had a surprise dinner planned for her at home.  She turned the table on him and moved the surprise dinner to the garage so when they walked in the house he would be dumbfounded as to what happened to his plans.  I wouldn't go that far because that is too mean but yes, I admit it.  I want to out-do my husband in some shape, form or fashion when it comes to the gift(s) for Valentine's Day.  He knows it so don't think you have some secret to share with him.  It filters out to the other holidays too.  Just ask him how Christmas went this year.

I can't say what I am going to do this year because that would spoil the surprise but I can say it is going to be so cool.  The joy of gift-giving is one of my favorite things about Valentine's Day.  I usually wait until the last minute to show up with goodies for my mom and sister too.  I love the element of surprise... and the chocolate, of course.