There is a new clinic open in Texarkana for people that are addicted to prescription pain medications. Arkansas Treatment Services, PA is a new provider of outpatient methadone treatment located at 408 Hazel Street, Texarkana, Arkansas.

There is a huge need in southwest Arkansas for the treatment of addiction to prescription pain medications and other opiate drugs such as heroin. In our region, hydrocodone is widely abused and many people become addicted to it after having had it prescribed to them after surgery or an accident. Extended use of this drug is not good for a person's body.

"No one deliberately chooses to become addicted to any drug," says Dr. Peter Guresky, the company president and medical director. "Methadone is one of the most widely researched medications on the market and has been proven to be safe when prescribed under appropriate medical supervision."

Methadone is not intended to treat addiction to street drugs such as crack cocaine. It helps stop cravings and when used in combination with counseling, has been proven to be highly successful in helping patients overcome addiction and therefore, restore their lives, families and futures. Any person who is interested in treatment should call 870-774-0421 for a free and confidential screening. Patients begin treatment by attending the clinic every day to receive their methadone and participate in counseling sessions.

"There is unfortunately a stigma often associated with substance abuse treatment and methadone treatment in particular," says Andrea Stratton, who is the program director. "Our clinic is designed to respect and enhance the dignity and self-worth of every person who walks through the doors seeking help. The services we provide are confidential."

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