A big storm rolled through the Arklatex this afternoon. I believe it formed in the skies above my community. A tornado warning was issued, after the fact for my area. I guess all storms have to start some where.

You've seen the videos many times on the news..."There I was, just sittin' on my couch watching Dr. Phil when I heard this roaring sound." Well guess what. There I was just sitting on my couch with Dr. Phil on in the background as I edited animal shelter photos. I heard hail start falling and wanted to get some photos. When I got outside I heard a roaring noise in the distance. I called to my husband hoping he could give me some reassurance that it was nothing more than wind, or heavy rain. He is so smart. He knew not to say what he really thought it was. My horse was going nuts. The sky in the distance was dark. When the hail hit the roof it sounded like glass breaking. The storm blew through quickly.

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